LEDTonic Q7 320W LED Grow Light vs ECO Farm 320W Foldable Quantum Board Pro Reviews 2020

When you talk about growing a marijuana plant, there are a number of factors that growers need to take care of. Among these factors, one of the most important things is the lighting. A grower needs to make sure that the lighting system is good in order to get maximum possible yields on their marijuana plant (especially when growing it indoors). Over the course of this article, while we shall be addressing lighting at large, our specific aim is to talk about Quantum board grow lights in great detail!

When you think of providing lighting to your plants and especially when you think of Samsung LED grow lights, you are probably thinking of the chunky blocks of lights which come in panels with glasses on front. However, Quantum board grow lights are quite different from what you are envisioning right now.

What are LED Grow Lights?

LED stands for light-emitting diodes. LED grow lights have rapidly come down in price and home growers everywhere are starting to make the switch to solely using them as their lighting option.

These lighting systems produce extremely low heat, come ready to plug-and-play, and can produce high yields with incredible energy efficiency.

Whereas HIDs require a reflector and ballast for operation, LED lights do not. They can last for decades, whereas HID bulbs will often need to be replaced every couple of years. But, one of the main reasons LED grow lights are regarded as the best is due to the spectrum they produce.

What is a Quantum Board Led Grow Light?

Quantum board grow lights are the next step above chip on a board (COB) LED grow lights. The LEDs are connected to a carefully wired board. The quantum board may be sold as just a circuit board. In these cases, you combine it with a pin heat sink or conventional extruded aluminum heat sink.

The LED bulbs themselves share the same advantages as other LED lights such as a long life expectancy and energy efficiency. Quantum board LEDs are as controllable as other LEDs. For example, a 300 watt system can typically be dimmed down to 120 watts in the early stages of growth. A quantum grow light that matches a 150 watt CFL in light output uses around 80 watts while covering a roughly two foot by two foot growing area.

Quantum grow lights that cover a 6 foot by 6 foot area for vegetation growth may only provide enough light for a 4.5 by 4.5 blooming crop. But it will consume only 350 to 500 watts of power while matching the light output of a rough 1000 watt bulb.

The best quantum board led grow lights are properly sized for the growing area. Know that this may mean setting up several grow lights to get full coverage.

LEDTonic Q7 320W LED Grow Light

This LED grow light definitely surpasses LED arrays that sell for 4 times as much. All those more expensive arrays try and sell you on higher binned parts but at the end of the day, they are all cranked out by the same presses and the discrepancies are negligible.

In addition, this LED grow light is super easy to utilize! Overall, great experience with it! Highly recommendable for those who are seeking fun while doing some planting.


  • Preconfigured full-spectrum takes the guesswork out of matching light spectrum to growth cycles
  • Lightweight light that is easy to install
  • A great midpoint between price and quality
  • It has two daisy chain connected plugs
  • Comes with a power cord and stainless steel hanging rope
  • Generates less noise
  • Full and comprehensive nine-band light spectrum
  • Heat efficient


  • Less bright than other LEDs, so it may be difficult to see well under strong purple lighting cast
  • You may need polarizing sunglasses to tent plants under this light

ECO Farm 320W Foldable Quantum Board Pro

This grow light comes with a basic hanging kit. You can buy a sturdier, more adjustable version from the manufacturer. You should buy this grow light if it is the right size for your growing area, because it doesn’t seem to be suitable for daisy chaining and you only get a short power plug with the grow light.

It is essentially waterproof. The IP67 rating means you could in theory drop it in a tray of water, take it out and turn it back on once it dries out. This unit won’t short out because a water mister hit it, and it won’t rust. These are the best quantum board led grow lights for use around aquariums and hydroponics systems.


  • Quiet
  • Energy efficient
  • Water proof


  • More heat output than similar quantum board lights
  • Not dimmable

The Benefits of Quantum Board Led Grow Lights

Chip on a board LEDs reduce the loss of power through circuit boards sending power to each LED in a grow light array. Quantum boards are even more energy efficient. This dramatically reduces their power consumption. This can also reduce the waste heat generated by the grow light.

A side benefit of the large and often exposed board has excellent ventilation, since the large flat board is exposed to the air. It may not need fans to keep it cool. The quantum grow board can be combined with a large, board-like heat sink. In this case, the heat created by the grow light array is continually pulled away from the board.

That’s why the best quantum board led grow lights never cause your grow tent to overheat. On the other hand, you may want ventilation to minimize smells or manage the humidity inside the grow tent. Yet the lack of fans may make the growing operation nearly silent.

The standard lightweight board is perfect for do it yourself projects. Its design may allow you to install it in tighter spaces than the standard LED grow light with a large plastic protective shell. You may be able to stick it to the top of a grow tent or the top of your closet to provide light to the plants underneath. Now you don’t have to deal with a hanging kit. Note that this approach means you can’t raise and lower the grow light as the plants grow.

Quantum grow lights are typically broad spectrum light similar to white LED or HID bulbs. This includes the red light that growing plants need. Whether or not you can put out predominately red or blue light depends on the quantum board design.


Lighting is extremely important when it comes to growing your marijuana plant indoors. As we have established over the course of this article, you will need these grow lights to replicate the natural light of the sun. Quantum board grow lights are among the best options that you have if you are looking for a bright and noise-free solution in 2020. What’s more, ECO Farm LED grow light can be your great choice. They are easy to get hold of as you can buy them with just a few clicks off Amazon! Do let us know if there are any more questions that you have about these grow lights or if there are any more details that you would like to know about and we shall get back to you shortly.